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RE: PERC H330 unsupported drives.


Any suggestions?

A drive is put into an unsupported state if it is not supported on the controller. If you installed a drive that does meet the requirements of the controller then it is a firmware communication issue.

When a drive is attached to the controller there is an exchange of information between the two devices. If the firmware on the controller cannot properly communicate with the firmware on the drive then the controller will not make the drive available.

You can try different firmware revisions on the controller and drive to see if you can find a combination that allows communication between the two devices.

According to Dell Support, I should be able to add the uncertified drives and configure the 2nd RAID1 regardless.

That is not true. I think you misunderstood what support told you. We do NOT guarantee functionality of non-Dell drives on our controllers. We do not block the use of non-Dell drives on the H330. If the drive is not being made available by the controller then it is simply because the firmware cannot properly communicate. It is not being blocked because it is not a Dell drive.


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