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RE: Poweredge r420 replaced sysboard- now cannot see both SAS drives


Virtual disk migration on the S110 is a simple process. The step-by-step instructions start on page 15 of the manual. There is a link for storage manuals in the right pane of our PERC page.

Since the S110 is part of the system board chipset, the firmware on the S110 is updated with the system BIOS. You never want to migrate to older firmware, so I would start by making sure the new system board has the latest BIOS.

Since you are able to enter the CTL R interface I'm going to assume that the SATA mode is set to RAID, you should not be able to enter the S110 BIOS otherwise. In the S110 controller BIOS check the physical disk list. If the drives do not populate in the physical disk list then it is a drive communication issue, check cabling. If they are in the physical disk list then it is likely a virtual disk migration issue.


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