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Re: R330 Poweredge SSD OS install outside of PERC

Thanks for the rely Dan. 


So the drive is powered as I had a dell 6 pin connector I was able to plug into the MB slot that was used to power the DVD drive.  While the original DVD drive power had the smaller SATA power connector, the extra 6 pin I have has the normal SATA power plug.  

I've read a little more and it appears that the MB disables the SATA ports when the PERC is enabled which seems to be my problem?  I want to use the RAID controller and the 4 drives I have attached, but in addition want a quick OS drive (SSD) to power an OS that is nothing more than a shell to run some simple programs and have that storage attached to it for media.  This way the daily operations are just running on the SSD and the raid can handle when media is being used ect.  This also lets me attach this storage to another machine or VM if I change how I want my system setup.


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