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Re: PERC H700 predictive failure continues with new drive


I suspect that the virtual disk is punctured. Predictive failure status is a SMART issue that is reported by the firmware on the disk. When the virtual disk has a puncture it will copy bad virtual disk information onto the replacement disk. This bad information can cause false bad blocks which can lead to predictive failure.

You will need to review the controller log to look for a puncture. If there is a puncture then you should see the same bad block listed on two or more disks. I think the H700 is the first controller that will report a puncture. You can search the log for the word puncture. The log only stores the last 10k lines, so if you have been replacing and rebuilding disks the information may be gone.

If the virtual disk is punctured you will need to delete the virtual disk, create and initialize an unlike virtual disk, and then create the desired virtual disk. This process is data destructive, so you will need to backup any important information first.


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