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Re: Dell Poweredge 6850 CentOS 5.4 installation problems

CD-ROM and CD works perfect.

To install CentOS i try to use Dell OpenManage Server Assistant. Then I go to step 7 "Install OS" CD of Assistant eject and need to put CD with CentOS. After I put CentOS CD to CD-ROM it change text in monitor to - Copy operating system: Isert "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 CD1".

At step 2 "Select Operating System" I can choose only:

  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows ... 
  • Red Hat 3.0 32 bit
  • Red Hat 4.0 32 bit 
  • Red Hat 4.0 32_64 bit 

Maybe all problem that I use not right Dell support CD. Can anybody help which one I need.


Best regards.

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