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Can't install new Windows operating system


I have a one year old PowerEdge 1900 that has received very little use. It currently has CentOS installed on it.

I would like to install Microsoft Windows 7 Professional on it, (the desktop version, not a server version), but the install is not working.

I set it to boot to the DVD, with the new retail version of 64 bit Windows 7 Professional DVD in. It states to press any key to boot from CD ROM, (the drive is CD/DVD). Unfortunately, nothing else happens. It just sits there with a black screen.

Does anyone know why it won't install the new OS? Is this a Dell server safety setting, so the server OS doesn't get over-written? 

What can I do to over-ride it?

I'm assuming the DVD drive is good. It worked fine a year ago when I installed CentOS and it hasn't even been opened since then. It's pretty much brand new.

Does anyone have anything I can try?

Thanks in advance.


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