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PowerEdge T610 SBS 2008 Backup / FAT 32 System Partition


I have been reading about the difficulties running the Windows Server Backup Wizard on systems where there is an OEM Partition. The built-in Server Backup Wizard only seems to like NTFS Partitions.

I purchased my T610 Server without an operating system and installed SBS 2008 using a retail license.

However, I still have difficulties configuring the SBS Backup Wizard. I believe this is down to my having a 2GB "Fat 32" System Partition "D:" set as Active.

My Operating System is installed on a seperate "Boot" Partition "C:" (obviously formatted NTFS).

Can I resolve my problem simply by "Converting" the "FAT 32" System Partition to NTFS as follows: convert d: /FS:NTFS


Many thanks in advance,

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