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Deploy OS with Lifecycle Controller - Media Not Found

I'm testing all of the various remote management features of a new T320. I'm currently trying to do a remote install (using Virtual Console) of Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials. Here's the scenario...

I created a SBS2011 bootable USB flash drive from the Dell supplied Windows install disk (using Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool). That UFD is curently connected to the server. Using Virtual Console I was able to boot off of that UFD and do a standard OS install.

Now I want to do an OS install using the Lifecycle Controller OS Deploy feature. I booted into the USC and started the OS Deploy process. At step 4 of 5 it asks to "Insert OS Media". I was hoping that it would recognize the UFD but it does not. Next I thought I would try to use the Remote File Share feature of the DRAC to mount an ISO image of the Windows install disk. I don't have the physical disk handy at the moment so I created an image from the UFD that's connected to the server. I then copied the ISO to a network share and mounted it using Remote File Share. I rebooted and started the USC OS Deply process again hoping that it would recognize the OS media. Still no luck. When I get to the Insert OS Media step and click Next, a message box is displayed stating "Media not found. Please insert a media and retry."

Without physically inserting the OS disk in the server DVD drive, how else could I get it to recognize an OS media disk? Is my ISO image perhaps the problem? In other words since I created it from the UFD and not directly from the original DVD could that be causing a problem? Assuming there's nothing wrong with the ISO would the USC normally recognize an ISO mounted via Remote File Share as a valid OS install disk and proceed beyond step 4?


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