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T320 running SBS 2011. What Systems Management Software should I install?

I'm going to start by saying I'm a bit miffed by the "Systems Management" area in the downloads section for my T320 in the support section of the website.  It lists 42 different files.  I'm lost...

I've got fresh T320 with SBS 2011 fully patched and running clean.  I now want to add what ever Dell management and diagnostic software that I should be using.

I was unable to install OS with the lifecycle controller because SBS 2011 is no longer listed.  Was that a probelm?  Did I do something wrong?  Instead I installed from MS Media and individually installed all necessary drivers.

I now want to install whatever else is necessary in order to monitor my server, Specifically monitor my 2 raid arrays and notify me if there are failures/errors.

I need some hand holding here.  The file names in that list of 43 is daunting.  I am not used to all the Dell nomenclature but can usually follow along.

Can someone please give me some guidance on what I should install from that huge list.  So many things sound alike and repeat themselves I don't know what to install.

Tried a few times during my test builds and run into lots of problems.  I think some well described guidance is all I need.  Thanks for your help.


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