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R730 - Installing 2016 Won't Detect Controller

I have a PowerEdge R730 that I'm forced to work with and it's bringing back all the reasons I use ProLiants. 

LifeCycle controller is fully updated, as is the driver pack. When it boots into the 2016 install it can't detect the SAS controller.

Manual install booting the 2016 media, downloading the PERC H730P Mini driver from the Dell website and loading it during install, doesn't detect compatible hardware. Uncheck "Hide drivers that aren't compatible" and try force it to use the driver (I know the controller is a Perc H730P Mini from iDRAC and this is the correct driver from the Dell site) and still no go.

Trying to get your OS installation to detect your controller was an issue like 10 years ago. Apparently, it's still an issue in the Dell world. 

Anyone have suggestions?

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