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USB drive not showing as boot option?

I have an R230 that I'm trying to set up as a firewall box(pfSense). but I can't find out why its not showing up as a boot option.I have the BIOS fully up to date, I've tried using the memstick ISO and the CD image ISO, Ive tried writing it to the USB with RUFUS and Etcher, Ive tried booting in "BIOS" mode and "UEFI" mode, Ive tried other brands of USB stick, and different USB ports. All my other USB boot drives show up fine (Proxmox, ESXI,Win Serv 2012/2016/2018 etc.) but no matter what I do if pfSense is on the USB it doesn't show up as a boot option.

Is there a "legacy boot" option I'm missing in the BIOS? or a "CSM" option or something? Is there something incompatible between this OS and the hardware?

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