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Re: Dell part # for MD1000/MD3000 debug/password reset cable?

I finally got a cable and it works. If anyone needs the pin-out of the cable here it is below, I know after looking all over the internet I couldn't ever find it.

If looking at the end of the male PS2 end of the cable with the notch at the top and facing the pins and going clockwise starting with the pin at the top right going 1-6, here are the correlations between the DB9 end and the PS2 end. The DB9 end is a female end and has the pins numbered on the end next to each hole.



2---------------------3 (RXD)

3---------------------4 (TXD)

4---------------------2 (RTS)

5---------------------5,6 (GND)


7---------------------2 (RTS)



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