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Managing Dell Powervault 220s from Poweredge 2950

Hello all,

I'm new to the forum, and would greatly appreciate any advice you could offer.

I am looking to re-purpose some old hardware for WDS. We have an older PE2950 that I would like to use, as well as a Powervault 220s that would be used to store images.

Now, I know there are many forum posts on this subject, but I feel like I may have a unique situation, since the only add-in cards I have to interface with the PV are HP SC11Xe's.

I suppose my first question here is will this work? After installing the cards, I can see the drives in the PV during startup, and they even show up in Computer Management, but I can't do anything with the volume.

We're not looking to dump lots of money into this server, since it's pretty old. We are mainly looking to move away from running a WDS VM on a Mac Mini Server, and I thought this may be a better option.

We have an older server that was originally set up to run the PV; a PE1850, but the specs are not acceptable.

For what it's worth, the PV was originally set up as a spanned volume.

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