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"SOLVED": Precision (M4700/M4800) Relentless Fan Noise

I own several M4700 and M4800 Precision workstations, each with the unbelievable fan noise issue. I went thru all of the "checklist" of fixes, especially: Uninstalled Dell Bluetooth drivers, and Disabled Windows Search. Still, the fan would come on whenever a new webpage was browsed or new work started, seemingly related to showing me a window. But, downloading "Throttlestop," unzipping, (including a detour to install the Visual 2013 C++ redistributables) clicking "Turn On" and clicking "Chipset Modulation" and clicking the arrow "down" one notch, to 87.5%, has solved MOST OF the problem. Peace and quiet for normal stuff involving Intel for graphics. For intensive graphics card use, the fan is still always on. Note the "fix" cost me 0.1 in the Windows RAM performance assessment. I believe the fan issue is ultra-transient temperature spikes triggering the fan's control even when the spike lasts a microsecond or so. 'Get bent', Dell and Intel, for not solving this yourselves in the BIOS.

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