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M L Hogan
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Re: AIO 964 - Firmware Loading Issue


Thank you for your response.  Here are some answers:

Connection is through USB cable.

I have redone all connections, rebooted printer and computer and the firmware has loaded.
I have downloaded and installed 64 printer drivers.

Now, the AIO center loads, but will not scan from either the AIO center or the printer controls.
Also, when the printer starts up the screen reads "paper jam" but there is no visable paper jam.
(I have removed and reinserted the paper twice on reboots and the "paper jam" error continues
to open.  Even when there is no paper in the printer).

Any idea if this paper jam problem is software driven?  Also, did I miss something on the reloading
to cause the printer not to be able to scan?  From either control direction?

Just an FYI - the card reader system works fine - I tested it with two different memory cards.

Thanks for your interest in the situation.


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