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5100cn printer magenta leaking + transfer roll solution

Magenta leaks once in a while even with OEM toner.  I was shipped a toner with a sticker that I removed; i think some of the gummy part of the sticker fell into the toner chamber and caused some magenta toner to stick together thus when I print pages with magenta it smears magenta over the pages.  When you boot the dell machine you can hold the up and down arrows down and it goes into a diagnostic mode.  From there I can goto test pages and print magenta at 20% to get rid of the magenta.  But that doesnt get out the clog.

My question.  How do I go to diagnostic and have it purge the existing magenta in the system with the toner removed? I have done this before but dont have the codes.  Dell wanted to hide the service manual from you and only let you get the operations manual.

When it does purge the waste toner it will go to the transfer roll.


Transfer Roll;  i popped out the plastic window and emptied the bad toner then reglued the plastic window with craft glue and volia the error goes away and I saved $40 on a transfer roll;  All the transfer roll does is collect toner waste;  it just needs to be emptied not replaced.

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