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Re: AIO 920, vista, and windows 7 RC

Hello Murie and Rick,

Greetings from a fellow sufferer. Murie I hope your situation works out. RIck, Murie's problem can be reproduced. Unfortunately I, too, had same problem for a bit. My solution only came after a service expert came to my house and fiddled with something. I also want to say "Thanks" for your earlier reply to my other issue, but it didn't help. The driver wasn't my issue, it was the lack of support programs (due to LOST install CD). So far, Dell isn't helping and I'm unable to find a fellow Dell Forum poster that has a Dell AIO a920 Installation CD (with All-In-One Center, Photo Studio, ETC.) that would help me. If either of you knows anyone that could help, let me know. Thanks both of you for bringing this problem to the forefront of Dell's problems.

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