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Re: Windows 7 and Wireless A948 Dell Printer

Wow, thanks for all the info, but if it would all seem to point to Vista. I have Windows 7 as my OS. And there are drivers for Windows 7 on Dell's website. I have downloaded the file to remove it completely from Windows 7, I also deleted any trace of the 948 printer, rebooted it and installed the Win7 drivers again. And it says can't commincate with printer. Now I ran the file to remove it again, deleted all traces of it and ran it again to run from the USB port. It works that way, but not wireless. It isn't a really big deal to me, but why have a wireless printer if you can't use its wireless feature. I am also a stickler for running the machine under normal conditions. In otherwords, if it isn't compatable for Win7, I am not going to use a work around. I do this to prevent me from forgetting how to fix it again if for some reason I have to format the drive and start again. I plan to buy a HP printer whose ink is a lot cheaper than Dells. For the price of dells series 7 black ink, I can get the HP 75xl & 74xl refilled at Walgeens. ($15 color/$10 Black) it the HP C4580 also prints wireless.

So thanks for the help.

Rodney Ulanowicz

XPS M1730

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