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Re: Windows 7 and Wireless A948 Dell Printer

Just in case anyone reads this, I sold the Dell A948 Printer and bought the HP Photoshop C4580. When I installed it on my Win7 (64bit) XPS M1730 it seemed to work for a while, but after returning from sleep, it stopped working. I spent 2 hours on the phone with tech (if you can call it that) Support at HP. (And people complain about Dell Tech support, it is still better than HP)  After it was all done, my printer worked  wirelessly, but for that to happen, my laptop had to be hard wired to the router. Go figure, I reversed it all and went for a walk. WHen I returned I decided to look for an answer myself. I looked at the firewall, and saw that in the config that only one of the 2 boxes was checked. It only allowed wireless access to the router. Hmmm so I checked the other box that would allow access both ways and POOF!!!! I can now roam the house and outside, and surf the internet and print wirelessly.

Rodney Ulanowicz

XPS M1730

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