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Re: Dell 926 All in One communication lost

Hi-  thanks for your help.  I tried everything you suggested.  When I go to reinstall the printer part way through a "Microsoft Windows dialogue box" opens up and says "Printer Communication system stopped working and was closed- a problem caused application to stop working correctly.  Windows will notify you if a solution is available".-  then Dell 926 continues to install- then another box comes up saying Printer Status Window Interface has stopped working and asks you to close program.


I haven't rally had any recent changes- just regular virus checks, windows updates.  Like I said the problem was managable  a few months ago- if you restarted for some reason then printer would work.  I checked USB cords- tried 3 different ones- different ports, etc.  Computer works fine accept this problem.  I did buy a new printer- but haven't tried it for fear it is something with the computer and printer communication.  I just have gone a long time without printing at home- but would like to have a working printer.  Printer works because it copies- scanner won't interface obviously.  Just bothers me that I can't figure this out since computer (knock on wood) really works without problems except for this.


Thanks again-





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