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Re: Dell AIO Photo 964 printer driver for W7 x64

There isn't a driver for windows 7 as it is not supported.  But there is an easy workaround.  Download the driver but do not run it.  Right click on the driver name,  I think it is R146813.exe  A window pops up and then select "properties at the bottom.  Another window pops up and select the "Compatibility" tab.  Check the box that says "Run this program in compatibility mode"  and select Windows XP (service pack 3) in the pulldown box then select the "ok" button at the bottom.  Next run the program and it should install the driver just like it would in an XP machine.  You will have to plug the printer in at some point and it will say that part of the installation failed.  Ignore this and continue to install the Dell driver.  When it finishes installing, reboot the computer and all should work fine.  It did for me.  I tried everything else and nothing worked.

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