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Re: What is SyncUp and why should I use it?


Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

You could uninstall if you do not wish to use this software. Below is what this software is used for in your computer.

SyncUP desktop application is a services platform for Dell's new generation of mobile phones. SyncUP lets the User conveniently play back music files, plus manage and create playlists. The User can play back photos and videos right on the PC with all the convenience of a built-in player. SyncUP also allows the User to create their own album collections for photos and videos. The User can preview all collections within a slide show mode.

SyncUP automatically downsizes videos to clips that need only a fraction of the storage space, to a video resolution that is dedicated to viewing on a handset and also transcodes them to a format your handset supports. There is no need to worry about file format, codecs and video resolution.

By taking the advantage of the iTunes library integration, the User can also play back iTunes playlists and manage media contents without running two applications together.

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