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Re: bad alert in ECC (disk is ok, but ecc reports it bad)

Hi Paul,

The following two KB solutions show reasons why false physical disk alerts appear in ControLCenter

emc229380 (similar to the solution mentioned by Yousef)

"Symmetrix DMX-3, DMX-4, and VMAX: EMC ControlCenter Alert messages show "Physical Disk Drive Failure" when the "Enable Deferred Service" flag is set"



"ControlCenter 6.1: Receive an alert in the Console that a disk has failed when creating new LUNs/hypers on Symmetrix"

Fixes to Solution Enabler code was added to 7.3.1 to stop these false disk alerts from appearing in ControlCenter

Upgrade to Solutions Enabler version 7.3.1 with Hotfix 1646 (above version review emc279555)

If you already have Solutions Enabler version 7.3.1 applied and checked the above solutions.

Open an SR with ControlCenter Support and they can look into the issue for you