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Hi All,

As I had mentioned in other posts, I am kind of taking a crash course on ECC. As it stands now, I do have a complete ECC installation starting from base code UB5 and upgrade to UB14 for one of my client data centers which was a great hands on learning experience.

While I am cutting my teeth with ECC, I was just recently tasked with pulling the "Logs" I am imagining with the log utility setup on their Server\Repository boxes.  Can someone properly walk me through the steps in doing so? Or point me to a youtube clip that I can learn how to pull the logs myself? I don't want to trouble anyone on here for menial information on how to do something so please forgive me if it sounds that way.

As it stands now, I am looking at and have open the " Log collection wizard". Can someone in not so many words without getting into the weeds so to speak on how to collect the logs my customer is looking for?

Thank you all kindly, you are all been such a great help with me in the past!

-Nick Derasmo

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