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RE: Control Panel won't uninstall Support Assist Agent


Are you still having issues with the uninstallation?   Couple of concerns here, you says there is no hardware issue, but product says there is one? Do you have a screen shot of this? Just want to make sure the application is not creating any false alerts and if so provide feedback to our development team as we have not seen false alerts. 

Install shield dialog may call it as "install…" even for uninstall did you proceed with the process and no change? 

Did try uninstalling both Dell SupportAssist and Dell SupportAssist Agent?

From Add/Remove programs, there will be a small message prompt asking Yes/No field in that only after they click Yes and confirm for uninstallation, product gets uninstalled.

Let me try and replicate your issue as well.

I will message you personally if you want to share screen shots. I can also share a hotfix with you that may help on some of your issues.


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