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iDRAC7 1.50.50 Where did it go?

As we know iDRAC and Lifecycle controller firmware’s normally upgrade in pairs, ie:

iDRAC7 1.50.50 with LC2 1.3.0.
iDRAC7 1.45.45 with LC2 1.1.5
etc etc

The firmware update ordering should normally occur in this order: IDRAC->LC2->BIOS-> etc etc

So interestingly, in the new catalog (739G8, 16th Dec 2013), I see new versions of LC2 and BIOS, but no iDRAC. Which puts the brakes on my next maint window.

I saw iDRAC 1.50.50 on the web just the other day, but now seems to be removed from the download site.

Does anyone know why? 


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