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RE: Open Manage - can it be used on a teamed nic.

Hello col288

1. Why did the server called idrac-etc not show up on my dhcp server before (from what I can see anyway.)

I don't know. I suspect something about your environment or configuration changed.

2. Is this ip address only changeable in the bios of the server. I cant see anywhere to change it in the openmanage software. Am I going to have to reboot this server to change it and can I change the name to something more friendly.

You can change it from the iDRAC BIOS via CTL E during boot, through the iDRAC web interface, or by using racadm commands within the operating system.

3. Why is it that I cannot get to the server from an IP address. What I mean by this is

If I put in ;


I can get to the server (its called backup2).

But if I put in the ip address eg

It does not. This is the maintenance IP.

However if I put in the IP address of the server the one eg

This works.


This is because that IP address is not local to the server operating system. Port 1311 is an IPMI communication port to access the iDRAC. You can use any IP address assigned to the operating system, a loopback address, or a hostname of the system with port 1311 designation and it will communicate to the iDRAC via IPMI. The IP address is not local to the operating system, so it goes out to your network and searches for it. The iDRAC is not accessible via port 1311 from remote connections. That port is only accessible locally. If you use it should bring up the web page for the iDRAC.

4. The two network cards that are in the server are teamed together to create one ip They both seem to be working.

Can the two cards still be teamed BUT have two IP addresses. Cause it looks like I have and since both of them are ping able. I thought teaming put together the two cards so it became one nic but faster, because its two. 

Teaming has nothing to do with this. Teaming is handled by the driver and operating system. The iDRAC IP address( is either on a shared port with one of the LAN on motherboards or it has it's own dedicated port. If it is shared then one of the LOMs are partitioned so that some bandwidth is dedicated to the iDRAC. If you purchased the enterprise add-on and have the iDRAC set to dedicated mode then it is using it's own network interface. The iDRAC port has a wrench symbol on it.


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