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No connection through iDRAC

I inherited a Poweredge R420, and the person before me never set up the iDRAC.  I'm trying to do so, having done so previously on other Poweredges, though it's been a few years.  But I'm having no luck and I'm not sure what's going wrong.  I've gone into the iDRAC settings at boot and set the IP address, gateway, etc.... and triple checked all of the info.  But I cannot ping it at all.  The switch it's connected to shows the port as being down (and the same when I tried a known working port and a known working cable, to be sure), and there's no light.  Is the iDRAC port physically just dead, or is there some way it might be disabled or something else reversible that would present like this?  Note: the server itself and the main networking ports are working fine; it's just the iDRAC port doing this.

Thank you!

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