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RE: iDRAC FWUpdate with racadm fails

Still fails after racadm upgrade. messageid: RED006. What firewall ports need to be open between OME server and idrac? Is it trying to download update from the internet or OME server?


Update: Running this command was successful:

 I wonder if OME relys on the Internet and that is why it is still failing. I think it is restricted on what it can access. 

racadm -r $idrac -u root -p $rootpw update -f firmimg.d7 

The Copying Operation has begun,
	This might take several minutes to complete, depending on the network.
	Do not interrupt the operation.
RAC987: Firmware update job for firmimg.d7 is initiated.
This firmware update job may take several minutes to complete depending on the 
component or firmware being updated. To view the progress of the job, use the 
"racadm jobqueue view" command. If the job is scheduled, the system will require a manual reboot.
To reboot the system  manually, use the "racadm serveraction powercycle" command.

Finished: SUCCESS


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