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RE: OpenManage Can't Install Server Instrumentation

Hi DylanJ,

Thanks.   Could you please clarify your reply, specially providing links to documents (or more detailed reference) to what I need to install in the ESxi 6 VM running WS2008 R2 (and with the H700 passedthrough/VMDirectPath I/O passed directly to the VM).   I've investigated further with more details below.

What package for OMSA 8.5 for ESXi should I install in the T610 host? ("There is a package of OMSA that is built for ESXi, you'll need to install that onto the host itself...The instance on the VM is going to act as a client, while the instance on the host will act as the server. .")

Reiterating, I have the H700 passedthrough/VMDirectPath I/O directly to the ESxi 6 VM running WS2008R2.   The T610 host will not see the H700.   

Investigating further, I wasn't able to login to the OSMA8.5 install because only the web server part was installed in the VM.  None of the other OMSA components such as   *Server Instrumentation* or *Storage Management* installed.   There was no custom install option selected because the installation systemcheck doesn't detect that the VM is a Dell server.





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