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Mr X
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IT Assistant Assistance


Not to up with IT Asisstant (and dell servers in general) but I am trying to set it up. I have installed and setup Compaq Insight Manager many times successfully..

I am running ITA 6.4.3 on W2K Server sp3

The Server Agent is 4.51

I have setup the SNMP community (not public! ) to READ while I test this. It appears to be working.

I can find many devices but not the servers. (with one exception  I a applied this fix to the server

Can anyone give me some basic info on a simple setup to allow ITA and The Servers to communicate and be monitored. I have read the docs (RTFM)

I am concerned that I may not be running the correct Server Agents or the general config is incorect.

Just need a basic rundown of what is required on the server and the monitor to get things going. Once I get this far the rest I can work out for myself.




Mr X

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