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VMware hosts appearing as "Servers" and not "WMware ESX Servers"


I have several VMware ESX hosts (all PE 2950's) scattered around our region and I'm using IT Assistant 8.3 to monitor them. Some of the hosts are being categorised correctly as "VMware ESX Servers" but some are just appearing as "Servers" and I have no idea what's different between them.

All the ESX hosts have OMSA 5.5 installed and they are all running ESX 3.5 update 3. I have configured SNMP correctly on the hosts and have no issues with this piece of the puzzle.

Then I have the problem where some of the "virtual" servers (with the brown suitcase?? icon) appearing correctly under their respective ESX host but some are coming up in the "Servers" list.

Anyone have any clues as to why these systems are not going in to the correct buckets?

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