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Re: wJQs.exe Good file or Bad?

Good work!

Download and scan each user profile with CCleaner:

(This will be good utility to keep and use regularly.)

** Select to download the SLIM version.

** Because CCleaner removes everything in temp folders, if you have anything in a temp folder, back it up or move it to a permanent folder prior to running CCleaner.

** We will be cleaning cookies as well. Make a note of any passwords, etc. that you want to save. If you do not want to delete cookies, simply uncheck that option.

1. Before first use, select Options > Advanced and UNCHECK "Only delete files in Windows Temp folder older than 48 hours"

2. Then select the items you wish to clean up. In the Windows Tab:

  • Clean all entries in the "Internet Explorer" section.
  • Clean all the entries in the "Windows Explorer" section
  • Clean all entries in the "System" section.
  • Clean all entries in the "Advanced" section.
  • Clean any others that you choose. In the Applications Tab:
  • Clean all in the Firefox/Mozilla section if you use it.
  • Clean all in the Opera section if you use it.
  • Clean Sun Java in the Internet Section.
  • Clean any others that you choose.


3. Click the "Run Cleaner" button.

4. A pop up box will appear advising this process will permanently delete files from your system.

5. Click "OK" and it will scan and clean your system.

6. Click "exit" when done. REBOOT.

Download -- to your Desktop -- JavaRa.Zip from either of these two sites:

  • Unzip the download. This will create a new Folder, JavaRa on your Desktop.
  • Double click this new Folder to open it, and double click the file within: JavaRa to execute the program.
  • Click the button: Remove Older Versions.
  • Agree to the cleanup operation by clicking Yes. After a moment, a notice will appear that a log file has been produced. Click OK. Close the Notepad view that opens.
  • Click the button: Other Tasks.
  • Choose these options:
  • Remove Useless JRE Files
    Remove Startup Entry
    Remove JavaRa Logfile
  • Click Go. When it finishes, click OK to close the panel, and then Exit the program.
  • Delete the download, and the unzipped folder and all contents.
  • Go to
  • Download Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 Update 12.
  • Select Windows Offline Installation > SAVE it to your desktop, do not RUN it yet.
  • When the download is complete, close all browser windows and double-click on the saved file to install the update. Be patient: It may take five (5) minutes or more for the installation to complete.
  • If the installation gives you the option to install a toolbar UNCHECK the option if you don't want it .
  • Delete the downloaded installation file after completing the above procedure and reboot if not prompted to do so.

Please post a fresh HijackThis log for final review and let me know how things are running. If all is well, we'll flush System Restore, and you'll be in good shape.

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