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Dell support agent sent customer link and download instructions that was malware.

I'm assisting a Dell customer with a compromised system that turns out was compromised because the user followed directions provided by a Dell support agent.   I have the chat and email log of the interaction with the agent.    The customer simply wanted to remove the crapware preinstalled by Dell (namely McAfee) and was asking for instructions how to do so.    The agent send a link to a supposed McAfee removal too.. but the link provided was a google doc and embedded link goes to a malware distribution site.    Internet Explorer's smart screen properly flagged the malware, but unfortunately the user is a Google Chrome user, so they had no warning the executable they were downloaded at Dell's request was malicious. 

What is Dell's policy regarding to dealing with computers that are damaged by their Technical support representatives?       Or at least get the attention of someone important at Dell to prevent their support agents from damaging other customers computers?

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