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Re: Updates 12/11/18 - Microsoft+Adobe+Firefox Tuesday

@joe53 wrote:

Just to note that my free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC automatically updated itself to this latest version, and as far as I can tell there are no settings in the GUI where I can toggle this to a manual download only.

Historically Adobe Reader was a real security risk and target for malware. I don't know where it stands currently, but I dislike on principle any software that takes liberties and installs new software without my explicit permission. Unfortunately I need Adobe Reader for work, so I can't ditch it. But I still keep Sumatra as my default PDF reader.

Depending on the firewall you're using, maybe you can set the permission level for Reader to "ask". That way your firewall will ask if you want to allow Reader to access the internet whenever it tries... So at least you'll know when Reader is trying to phone home.


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