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Re: Windows Update 2019-01 Preview Quality Rollup KB4480955


I used the System Restore point that was set right before the 2 updates were installed tonight.

Took a l-o-n-g time to run and I got the feeling it wasn't going to work, but it did - almost...

Boot times are back to normal, no more popups saying only administrators can log in. The audio service starts immediately and I hear the Windows log-on chime as soon as the desktop appears.

But, an issue remains with Event Viewer. When I try to open that app, there's a popup saying the snap-in is being loaded, but then an error message says Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is unable to load the snap-in. I have the choice to stop MMC or tell it to continue trying to load the snap-in. Stopping and restarting MMC or letting it continue never gets me anywhere...

Separately, I updated MSE definitions to .3194.0 using MSE itself, not via Windows Update, and that worked. Rebooted and no delays or popups...

I still have to see why the Event Viewer snap-in won't load, but that's minor considering the other issues after Preview Quality Rollup KB4480955 was installed.

If KB4480955 is offered to you, either hide or ignore it for a while until we see if my experience is common or just random bad luck...


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