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Re: Windows Update 2019-01 Preview Quality Rollup KB4480955

Here's another update...

I ran chkdsk and sfc on my system today. chdsk reported no errors at all. On the other hand, the sfc log file was HUGE! 

The Event Viewer snap-in works again, but the System log scared me half to death! There were over 1500 Warnings and Critical errors, most after installing the Preview Rollup, but a share of them from before.

I cleared the Event Viewer logs and have been watching them all afternoon while I use the PC. The only Error reported for hours has been that dog-gone "Logitech Beep Suppression Driver service failed to start", something I've always had, but never been able to fix. It's probably related to my Logitech mouse and their SetPoint software.

ccleaner is working again too and successfully deletes files again. Some of my bookmarks are still MIA, but they're not coming back. I'll just have bookmark some web pages again.

I posted a query about this Preview Rollup on the MS forum and -so far- 5 others "have this problem too", but nobody else has posted anything. So it may not be a large-scale problem with the Preview, but I ain't the only one...

Not going to install this Rollup when it's beyond being a Preview until I'm certain it's fully fixed - or not...



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