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Re: Friend's Hijack This Log Help

The data files on the Desktop may be gone...but I doubt spyware did it. The Desktop is a terrible place to keep data, but we all do it at times. Clean and timely backups are the only defense against data loss.

As for the malware issues...fix the winsock hijacker first:

Marketscore Internet Accelerator is the company responsible for the baddie in the 010 line: 'osmim.dll'
Download LSPfix here:
Launch the application, and click the "I know what I'm doing" checkbox.
Check all instances of Osmim.dll, and move them to the "Remove" pane.
Then click Finish.
Reboot. Download this freeware cleanup program which works much better than Windows Disk Cleanup. Don't give up on it when it stalls on a will pick back up after a couple of minutes. Wait until it asks to log off to clean remaining files. I have seen this program run for hours on machines really loaded down with temp files. After the first time, run it daily to keep your machine running well.
Run it and clean all temporary files and XP prefetch files (a PC may harbor downloaded trojans waiting to get activated). Look in the custom cleaning options. I also check the box to fully erase files. You will like the sound it makes while cleaning your system. *;-) and run these two programs (Spybot S&D and Adaware) at the link below. Use Spybot first.
Most of the Internet baddies can be killed by a one-two punch with Spybot and Adaware assuming these three factors are achieved:
1. Latest version
2. Configured correctly for running options
3. New definitions from update feature
Please download the latest Adaware which is called SE edition and Spybot 1.3. Graphic tutorials at:
Follow the directions for proper use of those excellent products.
Next, reboot a final time and browse a bit, exit IE 6 and post a new Hijackthis log in this thread. There will be a few more things to finish up.
All the best,
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