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Re: Repetitive Virus called: Win32.SillyDLCS Please Help


Let's start with this...

Go to, and then:

1. Click "Free Online Scan".
2. Click "Scan now, it's free".

It'll take a few minutes to download (especially with a dialup connection), so be patient. When it's down:

1. Select all available drives.
2. Check(tick) "Auto Clean".
3. Click "Scan".

When it completes, post back the full filename of any files that cannot be cleaned or deleted.

Download mwav.exe from MicroWorld, then:

1. Double-click the mwav.exe icon to run it (it'll self extract).
2. Click "Scan".
3. When it completes, post back the results.

Let's see what's running on that system; post up a HiJackThis log for analysis.

Download, then unzip to "C:\HJT", the newest version of HiJackThis; version 1.99.0. Now, let's do the following:

1. Click "Scan"
2. Click "Save log"

Notepad will pop-up with a copy of your system long, then:

1. "Edit | Select all"
2. "Edit | Copy"

Next, let's "Reply" back to this post, then:

1. Right-click on the message body.
2. Select "Paste"

Then just "Post" the message, and we'll analyze your log shortly, then post back any recommendation(s).

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