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Re: Dell E2318H monitor driver vs Windows 10 generic PnP dri

Thanks for your replies. Getting the max resolution is not an issue. I did switch to the Dell driver for the E2318H monitor and still can use the max resolution of 1920x1080 with VGA. The problem I was really trying to resolve is that occasionally resizes all open windows to the same size and piles them over each other in the upper left of the screen. It's a pain to have to move them back and resize them. I think this happens if the monitor goes to power saving mode too quickly, and confuses the OS or drivers. I've read of others seeing this with various combinations of computers and monitors.

The Vostro 3670 only has VGA and HDMI, and the monitor has only VGA and DisplayPort. This is why I'm using VGA. From what I've read, computer HDMI to monitor DisplayPort requires an adapter/converter, and they seem rather pricey.

I did switch from the generic PnP driver to the Dell E2318H driver and this issue persists. For a full description of my issue see

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