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Re: Dell Vostro 5481 + WD15 130W dock + P2217

The WD15 130W dock can definitely run those two displays.  Those display have DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA inputs, and the WD15 has Mini-DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA outputs.  For best results, avoid using VGA, in which case connect one display using a Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable and the other with a regular HDMI cable.

In terms of charging, the product page for the Vostro 5481 says that the USB-C port supports DP (DisplayPort, aka video output) and Power Delivery.  The latter is a bit ambiguous.  USB Power Delivery allows more than the standard USB power levels to be exchanged between devices, but that can be negotiated in either direction, and there are some laptops that support providing USB PD power levels to attached devices, but do not support receiving USB PD power levels from attached devices to charge themselves.  The Owner's Manual for the Vostro 5481 doesn't really clarify this either.  But basically, if the system supports being charged over USB-C, then the WD15 130W will charge it.  If it doesn't support charging over USB-C, then no device will be able to charge it that way.

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