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Re: Dell Vostro 5481 + WD15 130W dock + P2217

@orsib78 wrote:
Hello. Thank you for the quick reply. Can I reach someone at Dell to clarify the PD capability before I will spend my money? Since I am not yet a customer I could not find the way to reach technical support yet. Maybe I am dumb, but I tried in many ways already...

You probably can, but I'm not sure I'd count on their answers.  Even answers from Dell's tech support reps aren't always reliable when it comes to technical details of specific models -- especially when Dell's own documentation that they might refer to doesn't speak to this -- and the sales reps have even less technical concept training.  I've personally gotten incorrect answers from Dell reps on technical questions on multiple occasions, and there are several other cases here where others have reported the same experience, and even posts directly from Dell employees in this forum that have proven to be incorrect.  Your best bet is probably to search for reviews or user reports about the Vostro 5481 where this was specifically tested.  I found this link after about 10 seconds of Googling that says that one of the new features of the Vostro 5481 and 5581 is "USB Type-C for charging", and Notebookcheck is known as a very reliable source (and especially known for extremely detailed reviews), so that's something.  You might find something even more concrete with a bit more search time.

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