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RE: Windows 10 touchpad multi finger gestures FIX!

Here's the version number of the exact driver you need.


Dell updates their drivers on their website so you'll get the latest driver even if you select Windows 7 so you have to Google that version and install it.

Now the trick is to stop Windows Update from reinstalling the new driver. To do this, go here, and use the group policy editor method described there. Windows 10 Home doesn't have the group policy editor, so I'm not sure what to do there, but Rollback Driver doesn't work. I tried the Rollback Driver or Update Driver to specific version method, which will give you back a Pointing Devices UI that seems to allow swipe left/right for browser navigation, but it doesn't work. So you have to use the group policy editor to block the driver installation.

Next time you do a Windows Update the Alps Pointing Device update will fail, which is what you want.

Tested on a Latitude E5550 and E7450.

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