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Re: MaxxAudio not working in the latest Realtek drivers (855

It reinstalled itself again - I thought last time it was from opening Command | Update to see if I could block it, but nope it's installing on its own. I told Windows to remove all the drivers from the machine last time I uninstalled it, so it must be downloading them again?

Something I noticed though - I put headphones in, and the "what did you insert" dialog popped up where Earbuds is an option (that's part of MaxxAudio, right?) The MaxxAudio control panel did not reflect that, it stayed showing Internal speakers even though sound was coming from the headphones. Disconnecting and reconnecting them produces the sound from the correct outputs, but the "Select Output Device" label still says Internal speakers the whole time. The dropdown has nothing else in it as well, even with headphones plugged in. But occasionally it changes to Headphones as it should - it's rare, mostly it doesn't

And the EQ is active to some degree for headphones at least, probably set to the default MaxxAudio profile settings, because the bass is way too loud and boomy (I always set it flat for my headphones). But the control panel does nothing, switches and knobs have no effect, so I can't change it. When the display does update to say Headphones the controls still do nothing, so that doesn't make any difference

So it's like MaxxAudio is sort of working, somewhere, but I can't control it - as though the control panel isn't connected to it at all. The only things that do seem reliably connected are

  1. the volume slider adjusts to show the correct speaker/headphone volume as I connect and disconnect the headphones (and it adjusts it too - I'm assuming this hooks straight into the Windows volume control though), and
  2. I can check the "show pop-up dialog when device is connected" box, and that popup will appear next time I plug the headphones in. Checking "don't show this again" will stop it popping up, but that checkbox in the control panel won't update - and it needs to be unchecked and checked again to retrigger the popup

any ideas? It seems like it's there, just not connected to the control panel app (and I'm using the one that's installed with the driver, not the one from the Windows store)