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Re: MaxxAudio not working in the latest Realtek drivers (855

I don't have your system and none of mine have moved to the 8555 version.

When I have audio problems, I always use the process below to clean out any prior driver which might be effecting the current install.

Have the new driver downloaded and ready to go then go offline...  Stay offline until the new driver is installed.

Use the Device Manager to uninstall the Sound device and check the box to uninstall all drivers.  

The system will reinstall a driver given some time or a reboot.  If a Windows driver is now shown for the device you can proceed to reinstall the good driver.  Restarting between actions is always a good idea to help clear out the drivers.

If a Microsoft driver is not shown, continue to uninstall until it is.  The reason is because if you have .inf files other than the one currently installed on the system, one of those will be used to reinstall the Realtek drivers.  If you show a Windows driver then all other prior driver install files are gone.

Reinstall your downloaded driver which may also require a reboot.

When you are ready to check your system, open the Waves (MaxxAudioPro) user interface to make sure it is functioning.  Don't make any configuration changes until after you test for basic operation.

If you are using any third party audio software or Chrome, let us know.  If you have only tried one headset, let us know.

You and I seem to disagree on the Bass setting.  Smiley Wink


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