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Re: Accidentally Deleted Win10 Partition - How to reinstall?

"Most of the installs using the Dell media will wipe the drive and set it back to factory specs."

Actually no it does not.

Dell media is almost exactly the same as Oem System Builder Media.

Thats why this disk works for All Dells with 7 or 8 or 10


You need to download the OEM Drivers for Video and Audio and Chipset and Management Engine etc.

For Enterprise systems this is easy cuz its all in one cab file.

Harder for Non Business systems.

IMHO they should do this for All systems.

The reason is that you download the cab file.

Move it to my documents

Use 7 zip to extract here

then right click on any yellow !  in device manager and say update from my machine instead of from the internet and the driver installs.


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