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Inspiron 15R N5110: Black Screen after Win 10 Upgrade

Until recently my Inspiron 15R (running Windows 7) would not allow a Windows 10 upgrade.  It would say that Dell had not certified this device with Win 10 due to BIOS issues.  About a week ago I had to do a complete "bare metal" Windows re-install so took that opportunity to download all the latest drivers and the latest BIOS.  I didn't think any more about it until today when it popped up and asked if I wanted to upgrade to Windows 10.  I figured I would get the same "can't upgrade" message but decided to go ahead and try.  To my surprise it downloaded and installed Windows 10.

However: I can boot and log into Windows 10 and can see my desktop for about 5 to 10 seconds.  Then the screen goes black.  I can see (and move) the mouse pointer but nothing other than the mouse pointer shows on the screen.

I figured it must be an incompatible video driver (although as I said, it does display the desktop just fine for a few seconds), so decided to boot into SAFE mode to see if I could resolve the issue.  But the exact same thing happens when I boot into SAFE mode.  I see the desktop for a few seconds and then it goes black, with nothing other than the mouse pointer being displayed.

Any thoughts on a resolution?

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