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XPS 8700 needed UEFI secure boot disabled to complete Windows 10 anniversary update can't enable UEFI secure boot now

I have a Dell XPS 8700 that failed Windows 10 anniversary update until UEFI secure boot was
turned off.
It apparently then completed but I cannot re-enable secure boot without the same boot problem advising

your pc/device needs to be repaired / during Windows 10 anniversary update
An unexpected error has occurred
Error Code 0xc0000185
you'll need to use recovery tools.  

Is there a solution to enable UEFI secure boot ?

 I am using a Dell XPS 8700 pc with an SSD drive. The Windows 10 update was installing
then after one of the reboots the error above
  The pc was running prior to the update and had UEFI OS , secure boot enabled,  no prior problems.
I attempted to do any of the safe mode boots but none would proceed.

Disabling the UEFI safe/secure boot mode apparently let the install continue and the d
as it did before with I believe completion of the installation of Windows 10 anniversary update.
PC now shows Windows 10 home Ver 1607 ..

The problem returns if I enable UEFI secure boot and the PC stops. I would like to determine a way
to locate the problem or issue. related to the secure boot.  Using the media creation tool may just
repeat the problem once secure boot is re-enabled.

 Dell lists that they have tested XPS 8700 with this update and have not indicated problems no mention of secure boot issue.

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