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Cannot change sleep timout in Windows 10

I have a Dell XPS 9360.

When the battery is low, i.e. below 25%, the laptop will go to sleep after about 2 minutes of inactivity.

My problem is, this behaviour cannot be changed. I have edited the "go to sleep after" in the Windows power settings but it does not respect this setting. I have deleted the Dell power profile, created a new power profile, reset it to default, yet still the laptop will not respect the setting I put in there.

This means the laptop is always going to sleep after a very short period, i.e. if I have a quick conversation with someone, and it then takes about 2-3 minutes to wake and reconnect to wifi. Infuriating. Is there a fix? If not, the laptop is getting close to finding itself on eBay. Missing my MacBook now.

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