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On-premise Dell Wyse Management Suite issues

We have the on-premise WMS installed and configured, can access the login page externally and internally using a fully signed SSL certificate (it is our corporate wildcard certificate).  

The problem occurs when we try to configure the Wyse thin client to connect to the correct address.

We see an error message 7512.  We also sign up for a demo account of the hosted version of WMS and configuring it with the options as outlined permits the thin client to connect to it immediately.

I'm suspecting that there is some kind of redirection issue happening with the WMS on-premise installation, because the setting is configured and adds a :443 at the end (can't see a way to modify that), which when we attempt to bring up the page from a browser, gives us an HTTP status 404 error.

I'm hoping someone can give some insight on this issue.  Not sure if some settings need modified in the Tomcat configuration to properly route the requests?